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Two-year-old Safety Harbor boy dresses up as Denis Phillips for Halloween

Posted at 7:14 PM, Oct 31, 2017

Only two years old, William Ramker, still knew exactly who he wanted to be for Halloween.

"Denis Phillips!" William exclaimed.

The toddler proudly showed off his costume from the famed suspenders, tie and then threw in a pointer to emphasize his weather map. The map was complete with a picture of Denis.

Williams admiration grew as he watched Denis calm mom and dad down during Hurricane Irma, especially with Rule number 7: don't panic unless he tells you to.

"It was helping us understand that we were going to be fine and our house was not going to blow away and weren't going to die," said Williams' dad, Matt Ramker.

So, when Halloween came around and their Safety Harbor neighborhood was intact, mom Alexis thought how appropriate for William to be his mentor.

"He  definitely knows he is Denis Phillips today," said Alexis.

William tested out his costume last week in Dunedin at Halloween festival.

"Everybody was stopping us, everybody was high fiving him. They were all saying 'Denis Philips! It's mini Denis,' so people in Tampa bay definitely know and really really appreciate Denis," said Alexis.

William wanted us to share this message:

"Happy Halloween Denis!" exclaimed William.