Clearwater code compliance aims to help Lake Bellevue neighborhood

Posted at 6:47 PM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-28 18:59:44-04

We’re taking action for you; we are helping a Clearwater neighborhood get the help it needs.

Code enforcement is posting notices and pointing out property problems. 

A gravel yard and make-shift carport, two violations at one house in the Lake Bellevue neighborhood. Neighbors say these are some of the least offensive ones.

“Garbage out there, beer cans, and that brings bugs, and it comes to my property, so it (ticks) me off,” Lake Bellevue resident Chena Wise said. 

A house with piles of clothes in the carport and broken windows would likely get a violation, but  these signs are a warning, compliance officers said. 

“That’s what’s going through my mind and my heart is we’ve got to get these people help," Clearwater code inspector Trava Alston said. "We’ve got to elevate their quality of living.”. 

There are agencies that can help people with roof repair, mowing overgrown grass and removing items stored outside that doesn’t belong there. Notices are posted on boats and cars parked in the yards.  

No fines have been issued yet. Every notice is a chance to talk about change and resources. 

“People can solve the problems instead of losing their homes if they can’t afford to fix the problem,” a resident named Vie said.

Some Lake Bellevue residents hope  their neighbors will do better. 

“Come on, at least keep the outside clean, that’s your home,” Wise said.

Others already show community pride.

To learn more about Clearwater's code compliance rules, contact the city's Code Compliance Division at (727) 562-4720.