Valrico woman wants to deliver donations to damaged Puerto Rico, but can't

Posted at 5:47 PM, Oct 09, 2017

As most were trying to get off the island of Puerto Rico, a Valrico woman decided she had no choice but to fly into her hometown to check on her family. 

"It's bad," said Liza Minnelli by phone. 

Minnelli's family lives in the southern part of the island near Ponce, "there's no power, no water, the mosquitoes are awful," she said.

The Valrico woman flew to her hometown after Hurricane Maria wiped out cell service for days making it nearly impossible to get ahold of them. 

Cell reception is still spotty -- as she can only communicate from certain areas of the island. 

Minnelli held a donation drive at the Bravo Supermarket just days after Maria hit in hopes of taking them to Puerto Rico. 

However, Minnelli tells us she is unable to bring the donations because there's a chance they could be taken. 

"What they're saying is if it gets over here, it will be confiscated and I can't deliver it to my hometown," she said.

Minnelli has been working with the mayor of her hometown and other officials in Puerto Rico to deliver small Ziploc bags of food. 

She tells us this is the small rations of food being given out. 

Minnelli said she also helped deliver canned food to people who live in this area that have not received much help.

Minnelli tells us she plans to stay in Puerto Rico as she continues to question where donations are going as her hometown is in need.