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USF researchers studying impact of COVID-19 on storm shelters

Posted at 7:32 PM, May 20, 2020

USF researchers are working hard to study the pandemic's impact on storm shelters.

A team of researchers received a grant to study protocols and staff for prevention of COVID-19 in these shelters.

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Right now, they're speaking with experts on current plans and are addressing any possible public health concerns.

"[We're] exploring various options in term of shelters, do we need to look at expanding and identifying more shelters? What does that look like and what do we already have in place?" said Elizabeth Dunn, a USF instructor on Global Disaster Management.

The team works closely with local counties and the health department to help study these impacts.

USF's College of Public Health works year-round with our local and state leaders to develop plans that meet the needs of the community, not just in emergency situations.