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Thieves break restroom wall to steal from little league's concession stand

Posted at 10:21 PM, Mar 13, 2019

TAMPA, Fla. — A Tampa little league is out thousands of dollars after someone broke into their concession stand, stealing nearly all of their food and drinks.

Gary Tudor, a coach and facilities manager with Interbay Little League, reported the burglary to Tampa Police on Tuesday morning.

"Soon as I open the door here to the building, I noticed the mess that was everywhere. All the open packages of the chips, the muffins, the honey buns and cookies, the candy bars, everything was gone," said Gary Tudor.

Tudor said he spent nearly $3,000 on food and drinks for the concession stands at the start of the season. Most of the food and drinks were stolen. He said about $150 cash was also stolen.

"Somebody took the garbage cans that were in this area, dumped out the trash and used those to carry away the merchandise," added Tudor.

Tudor said the thieves picked a lock on a door then broke the drywall in the women's restroom to gain access to the concession stand.

"They were able to pry open the bathroom door and kick a giant hole in women’s bathroom through the drywall to gain access to the concession stand. We're slowly trying to rebuild and restock," said Tudor.

Tudor said some people have dropped off food donations to help the little league. The league's season started late last month. Children ages 4-15 play baseball on a weekly basis.

"It's all those emotions. It's being mad that somebody would do this of all places, a non-profit, a youth organization," said Tudor.

Tudor said the break-in was not caught on surveillance video.