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Tampa singer joins thousands across the globe in virtual choir

Posted at 4:07 PM, Aug 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-03 16:07:12-04

TAMPA, Fla. — Singing live in concert has become a thing of the past because of the pandemic. However, performing doesn’t have to stop, as virtuosos from all over the world have formed their own chorus online.

The video, Virtual Choir 6, includes 17,572 singers from 129 countries singing the same song.

“You get goosebumps. You think here is 17,000 people singing in unison all over the world so it was very exciting,” said Pat Hargraves of Tampa.

Up until the pandemic, Hargraves was singing with three different acts: a duet, a quartet and a chorus.

“All of a sudden everything ended. There was no more singing,” said Hargraves. “We were not going to be able to sing in a chorus for over a year so the shock of that made us seek other ways to sing and sure enough here’s this virtual choir.”

The Composer is Eric Whitacre and the song is Sing Gently.

Across the globe, singers like Hargraves submitted their own version, and through the power of technology, they were synchronized into one gigantic chorus.

“It sounds like we all were in the same room,” said Hargraves.

Hargraves was even sent a certificate commemorating the event. She understands she was part of something special.

“This was a huge opportunity for anyone whose love and passion is singing, to be able to do something again, and have a finished product,” said Hargraves.

It’s still not the same as being on stage in front of a live audience, but Hargraves said it's the next best thing,

“It's exciting because people are so creative to find new ways to be able to do what they love to do,” said Hargraves.

Watch the entire video below: