Storm debris in road causes driver to crash into fence

Tree stump on Muck Pond Road caused accident
Posted at 5:26 PM, Oct 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-05 17:26:18-04

"I saw the stump sticking out in the road so I went around it,” said driver Gina Austin.

Gina Austin swerved.

"I didn't have time. Once I hit that, it went airborne,” said driver David Van Valkenberg.

David Van Valkenberg couldn't. 

"I feel extremely lucky. If that board would have hit me, I wouldn't be here,” he explained.

His close call on Muck Pond Road was caused by a huge tree stump sticking out into the street.

Just one reason, Carrollwood homeowner Amadeu Paiva ended-up at the solid waste facility on West Linebaugh Avenue raking out his pickup bed after two trees fell during Hurricane Irma.

"It's just taking too long. It's literally sitting there as a hazard and there's been no response,” he said.

Hillsborough County opened four drop-off locations for post Irma yard debris because its paid contractors have only picked-up about 20 percent of what's sitting at curbs.  

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"Brush, it can fly around with enough wind and the right circumstances, it could be harmful to anybody,” said Berrios.

Suzie Berrios unloaded a trailer filled with heavy bamboo because her elderly neighbor's couldn't do it themselves.

"My husband does do tree work for a living but I do a lot of charity,” she said.

What's still out there, county leaders say, could fill Raymond James Stadium 29 stories tall.

Crews moved this stump but not quickly enough if you ask this driver.

"Should be out of the road,” said Van Valkenberg.