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South Tampa CrossFit brings the gym into your living room

Posted at 4:39 PM, Oct 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-15 16:39:01-04

TAMPA, Fla. — Brandi Hotchkiss was about to start a hour-long workout through South Tampa CrossFit, but there was only one twist, the gym was in her living room. Pushing chairs out of the way was just one more exercise.

“During the beginning of the pandemic my dad had a major heart attack,” said Hotchkiss.

She found herself in a challenging predicament.

“In his recovery we have been being very careful, so I would like to get fit, but I can’t really go into a gym just so I can keep him safe as I live with him,” said Hotchkiss.

So she joined the gym’s new JumpStart Program, designed for beginners, and people who prefer to train in the safety of their own home.

“Having to worry about cleaning equipment, did the person before me clean it, do I have enough space, doing everything at home assures that it’s clean and I don’t have to worry about being close to people and wondering where they’ve been,” said Hotchkiss.

The program consists of a nine-week course, three hours a week, in which the coach sends you instructional videos and actual equipment on a regular basis.

“We’re helping to support people getting fit, in all honesty doing the same exact thing just through a different medium,” said coach Michael Vansant.

Hotchkiss has virtual access to the coach whenever needed. She also has the opportunity to interact with other beginners in the same program, who are working out from home just like her.

“I’m able to contact them after check-in or if I have any questions I’m able to reach out before, if something in the video doesn’t make sense to me, so I think that’s a super useful tool for someone starting out at home,” said Vansant.

South Tampa CrossFit said they are proud to be evolving with the times and helping people like Brandi achieve their physical fitness dreams in a way that’s best for them.

“The ability to not only have the one way street where we can teach them through the videos but also we can refine those mechanics and answer those questions is crucial for what we do,” said Vansant.

The next JumpStart Program starts on November 9. For more information go to