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Someone is still dumping nails outside a Hillsborough elementary school, popping drivers' tires

Posted at 3:59 PM, Oct 03, 2019

RIVERVIEW, Fla. — It’s happening again — someone is throwing nails along a Hillsborough County road outside of an elementary school and motorists are concerned.

“It looks like a roofing nail,” one neighbor told ABC Action News.

Thursday morning a neighbor woke up to at least a dozen nails near a speed bump on Hannaway Drive outside Riverview Elementary School.

ABC Action News has reported on the problem since December as a number of neighbors say they suffered popped tires.

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We found they’re also collecting the nails as evidence — there are at least seven different instances, with dozens of nails inside some of the bags.

A Hillsborough County Sheriff’s spokesperson said they’re aware of the problem here, but they are not able to do anything unless the person responsible is caught in the act.

Neighbors say they know who is doing this, and he’s upset about the traffic here.

However, no one has been able to witness the nails being left or capture it on camera.

Several people up and down Hannaway Drive have installed video cameras to try and catch the person doing this.

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“If they could just catch him with a pile of nails in his hand I would love it,” said one neighbor, “or a witness seeing him do it, that would be awesome.”

The sheriff’s office says they are aware of the concerns and they ask for residents to continue to report any incidents.

ABC Action News also reached out to a county spokesperson about the nails littering the road, since it's a safety concern for drivers.

A spokesperson said they will have to open a service request for the county to come investigate.

The school district said they’re aware of the problem and when they can they have someone from the school’s administration use a metal tool to help pick up the nails.