Some neighbors don't want the Maydell Drive Bridge rebuilt

Posted at 4:12 PM, Oct 08, 2018

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. — It’s a bridge that’s been closed for years after Hillsborough County deemed it structurally unsafe for people walking and driving.  

Neighbors say trucks used the bridge a lot, and they believe that’s what led to its deficiencies. The Maydell Drive Bridge was built in 1968.

Right now, it sits blocked off by construction signs but some neighbors say they still see motorcyclists using it.  

The price tag to rebuild the bridge is nearly $7 million dollars. Hillsborough County officials say it's already set aside for the project and the goal is to get locals across Palm River again. 

"No residents want this bridge and the county, it’s just wasteful spending money,” said David Drew, who lives nearby. "They don’t want it because of the safety issues, there are too many kids up and down this road. This road is not meant for big trucks — this is a residential area.”

Another neighbor, Marissa Borden, wonders if any traffic studies were done before deciding on whether the bridge is needed.

“If it needs to be reopened and the studies show that, share that and let’s re-open the bridge,” Borden said. "We’re not here to impact the community but if it doesn’t let’s put that money to better use."

ABC Action News reached out to the county to see if any studies have been done - we're waiting on a response.

They would like to see the money spent on fixing drainage issues and cracked sidewalks, putting up street lights and installing sidewalks where they don’t exist. Borden says there are many kids that live in the community.

"Where are they going to ride their bikes? On the broken sidewalk or the non-existing sidewalk?” she said. 

The county says the new bridge would much wider to accommodate a 10-foot trail and 5-foot sidewalk. Part of the plan is to link up with the SUN Trail. 

If you'd like to contact the county about the project, click here.