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'Proxy Momma' helps parents of USF students spread love when distance becomes too great

"There for your Bull when you can't be!"
Posted at 8:06 AM, Feb 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-24 08:10:26-05

TAMPA, Fla. — She calls herself the "Proxy Momma."

A small business owner with a big heart, Adrienne Conde helps parents of USF students spread love from afar.

Her motto? "There for your Bull when you can't be."

She doesn't have a website. Or an advertising budget. She does everything with the help of her daughter, Emma Remonsellez-Conde.

She relies solely on word of mouth and this Facebook page.

"Typically, it's moms calling me," says Conde. "I have two or three dads. I have a grandma. But usually it's moms."

Baking cake pops. Making chicken soup. Balloons, gifts. Charcuterie boards to lift spirits.

Sometimes she charges...

...sometimes she doesn't.

More than a decade ago, Conde was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

"But God isn't done with me yet," she says.

So when a panicked mom recently reached out to Conde and said her daughter was in a car accident, the Proxy Momma was on the case, arriving at the scene with hugs and calm. She didn't charge for that.

And when delivering a gift to a student who survived the Parkland shootings, she did that free of charge too.

"There's the business side," she says. "And then there's the humanitarian side."

Don't fight with her on business practices. Proxy Momma knows best.