Mississippi teen with ties to Florida says she took part in Blue Whale Challenge

Posted at 5:06 PM, May 15, 2017

A Mississippi teenager with family in the Tampa area says she fell for a game that tries to convince people to take their lives through a series of challenges. 

Melissa Patton, says her family is stationed in Gulfport, Mississippi and she's now going public about an online game that is also known as the suicide game. 

"People think this is a hoax, but its not," she said.

Patton said she found out her 12-year-old daughter was taking part in the game when she found a series of deleted photos in her daughter's 'deleted album' on her cell phone. 

The images showed her daughter carving the phrase F57 into her thigh. 

Patton tells ABC Action News her daughter says she received an invite to play the game through Instagram and as soon as she accepted to play she would receive daily text messages for 50 days. 

"After 50 days the next step is to commit suicide," she said. 

Patton found out her daughter had the suicidal thoughts so she took her to a hospital that specializes with suicide crises. 

Crisis Center of Tampa Bay CEO Clara Reynolds said you can ask your kids if they've heard of the game.

She says to first know what you're talking about, educate yourself about the game and then ask questions. 

How does this make you feel, do you know people who have tried it, do you know where it comes from. 

Make eye contact, and remain calm too. 

You can contact Crisis Center of Tampa Bay by dialing 211 for emergency crisis prevention.