Linebaugh construction confusing drivers

Water line project underway
Posted at 5:34 PM, Mar 29, 2017

A big project to overhaul outdated water lines is happening right now in Westchase, but the construction is also causing some confusion on a busy road.

Traffic was flowing smoothly on Linebaugh Avenue in Westchase Wednesday afternoon. But the last few days, it's been a different story.   

"Horn honking and yelling and mean looks!" said Kyle Barone of Florida Executive Realty.

Kyle Barone says his commute to Westchase from Carrollwood has been less than pleasant since  construction on Linebaugh Avenue started.

"Especially rush hour on the way home is a total bear," said Barone.

Other drivers saw the new bump outs along the median and weren't sure what was going on.

"I thought it was a bus stop. I had no idea! It was on the left side, and I was thinking, 'Why do they have that there?'" said driver Rodney Sydnor.

The cut outs are to park construction equipment.  Hillsborough County is spending $2.7 million to upgrade failing water lines. While it's a much needed upgrade, it's come with the cost of this confusing traffic pattern

"The zig-zag is a little bit confusing.  It seems a little more dangerous, even for the workers to have people bouncing back and forth," Barone said.

The zig-zag pattern with the bump outs, are allowing both lanes of traffic to continue on Linebaugh during construction.

The good news is the traffic pattern changes are just temporary and not all day, every day while work moves forward. But construction will continue on Linebaugh between Countryway and Montague for almost a year. Drivers are now trying to practice some patience, and encouraging everyone on the road to slow down.

"If that's our only problem, I'll live with it," said Sydnor.

You can learn more about the project on the county's website.