Hillsborough County Students donate supplies and make cards for Hurricane Michael Victims

Posted at 6:10 PM, Oct 17, 2018

ODESSA, Fla -- Kindness runs deep at one Hillsborough County elementary school and it’s going beyond the walls of each classroom.

With notes of encouragement, 4th-grade students at Hammond Elementary School hope to lift the spirits of people impacted by Hurricane Michael.

"It was chaos,” said Caleb Saville.  

They watched just as we all did as people's homes were blown away. 

“It makes me feel really really sad,” said Chase Dennis. “Imagine walking in a shelter that you don’t know anyone there and you’re just feeling heartbroken of what just happened."

"I feel like I should be really grateful that I even have something,” Saville said.

Sharri Cagle, the founder of Keys to Kindness, a non-profit with the goal of paying it forward,  lived and got married in the Panhandle. Her son is up there now to help with relief efforts. 

"He said what you see on the news is horrific but multiply it times 100,” she said. 

It’s why she’s using her platform to give these kids an opportunity to give back. 

"If each kid brings in 10 items, that’s 40 kids, that’s 400 items to help families that way,” she said. 

She’ll be driving the donations up in a U-haul. 

"I felt really sad for them but I know that Hammond collects a lot of donations so hopefully that will help,” said Ava Labarbera. 

The Keys to Kindness concept has been blossoming for years within the classrooms of this school. 

"We're all speaking the language of kindness,” said Sheri Norkas, the Principal at Hammond Elementary school. "It’s woven throughout everything we do, we practice what we preach and the kids know that."

Cagle says they’re looking for cleaning supplies, solar power lights, non-perishable foods and games and toys for kids. If you’d like to donate, you can drop things off at Cagle’s store 8738 North Mobley Road or on her website.