Florida Marine stationed in Iraq gets $25K wedding surprise from Old McMicky's Farm

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-12 17:18:40-04

A Florida Marine stationed in Iraq found out through Skype that he will be receiving a $25,000 surprise wedding at Old McMicky's Farm in Odessa. 

Kayla and Giovanni Perez, will receive the rustic, farmhouse style wedding as part of Mission I Do -- where a local military couple is awarded a dream wedding on the lakefront property.

Old McMicky's FARM (OMF) announced their 6th Mission I Do wedding giveaway in March. The Farm received 75 entries from local deserving military couples and narrowed the entries down to eight worthy couples. On April first, voting was made public. 

Nicole Kennedy & Jacob Woods won the contest. 

The Perez's were one of the top finalists, but did not receive the most votes, but after hearing their story Old McMicky's Farm decided to award a second couple.

Kayla and Giovanni have been together five years, they had their first child in 2012, and soon after got married at the courthouse. Following that, the couple would have two other children. 

Last Valentine's Day, the Perez's lost their four-month-old son, Zaiden, unexpectedly to SIDS. 

The couple who has always dreamed of a "real" wedding -- entered the online contest through Mission I do, never thinking they would win. 

The first wedding for Kennedy and Woods will be October 22 followed by the second-surprise wedding give away of the Perez's on December 3rd. 

The couples will have their wedding on the lakefront property and will be given a wedding planner, caterer, photographer, wedding rings, flowers and more. 

"These wedding gifts are in appreciation of the service and sacrifice of those who have currently served or have served in our military," said Ralph Zuckerman, 

Old McMicky's has donated over $125,000 to active military members and US Veterans as part of Mission I Do.