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Flocale, Seminole Heights' newest food hall, highlights good food and local art

Posted at 5:18 AM, Jun 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-17 09:51:15-04

SEMINOLE HEIGHTS. FLA. — Seminole Height's newest food hall features local food and local art.

Flocale is a joint venture between King of the Coop, Westshore Pizza and Rock Brothers Brewing.

"We wanted to prove that you can get together with multiple people, have a smaller build-out costs, because you do it together and you can open small businesses in these kinds of places like this. And this is how you do it, hasn't been easy. But we worked it out. And it's for when we do another one, it'll be a lot smoother process," said Joe Dodd, Owner of King of the Coop.

Dodd said they're going to be moving to a more full-service type of atmosphere soon.

"So, we are actually in the process of changing to more of a service style. So we're going to have servers, we're going to have people coming to the tables to order. The idea that we wanted to do in here where you kind of order at your own will, is great. But it also takes away from the experience side of things. And we'd like our customers to have a smoother experience. And so they already have a great experience. It's just stepping it up a little bit more," said Dodd.

Back in the kitchen is where you'll find some newer concepts available on third-party apps, ghost kitchens. One of them launched just two weeks ago.

"We're going to be doing a ghost kitchen concept focused around chicken wings and one around burgers and dogs, hot dogs. And just different stuff like that. Just utilizing what we already have, maybe bringing in a couple more items," said Dodd.

When it came to choosing Seminole Heights, it was just a no-brainer.

"The people here are fantastic. The community is great. The 'I believe in the Heights' comes from 'I believe in Nashville,' where it stands for the resiliency of the neighborhood. And we wanted to showcase the neighborhood with something simple like that," explained Dodd. "You know, we have great people in Seminole Heights. We have great business owners in Seminole Heights. There's great businesses in Seminole Heights."

The art

When you first step foot on Flocale's parking lot, you'll notice all the artwork. It doesn't stop when you step inside either.

Thunderbug, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Venetian plastered walls — the place has no shortage of artistic elements.

"I really am thankful for just being a full-time artist and being able to give back to the community with what my talent is and what I offer," explained Rojo, the artist who did the murals.

There's also artwork to purchase on the walls.

"They've invited me to cure local artists on rotation for 45 days. So we bring in fresh art for the regulars that come in, so they never have old look to the restaurant so to speak," said Tyler Sirota, owner of TT Art Collective.