Family posts giant sign to warn drivers of special needs bus stop

Posted at 5:03 PM, Aug 08, 2017

A St. Petersburg family has taken things into their own hands when it comes to warning drivers about stopping for buses along the busy stretch of road outside their home.

Jackie Seeland and her husband David live along 38th Ave North towards Interstate 275 that can bring heavy traffic. 

The sign posted reads "Please Stop for Special Needs Bus" followed with a heart that says 'we love a child with Autism.'

Seeland has been raising her great nephew since he was around two-years-old.

Along with Autism Anthony Reed has ADHD and several other learning disabilities that makes him nonverbal. 

Reed will be going into the sixth grade and he relies on the bus to get him to and from school everyday.

Seeland tells us that the drivers don't stop for his special needs bus that stops in front of his house. So to try and get people to be courteous, they posted two signs -- one facing each direction of traffic to get people to slow down.

St. Petersburg Police Department tells us unfortunately they can't monitor every bus stop to catch offenders, so they want drivers to remember the law when it comes to stopping for a bus.

Seeland hopes the bright signs will not be ignored this school year.