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Esports team at Freedom High School prepares for new year

Freedom High esports
Posted at 7:48 AM, Sep 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-23 10:22:38-04

As soon you step foot into Brian Nanns' classroom at Freedom High School, you'll notice it's not your typical class. In fact, some may say it's the future.

"We want to prepare students for the next level, whatever that may be in their life, whether it's college or some sort of career, right out of college, right out of high school, we want to make sure they're ready for it. And whatever industry that may be," said Brian Nanns, Dept. Chair for Career and Technical Education at Freedom High School.

Freedom High is home to the New Tampa Digital Academy, preparing kids for the digital workforce.

"So gaming, for example, is a really popular program, where students learn how to code, introductory code, and they learn basics of game design. And then some of them go on to play our Esports and our Esports team, or web design classes very successful," said Nanns.

These students learn how to create and play video games but also compete against other students across the country as part of their Esports team.

"The gaming part taught me how to like, you know, have fun with friends and like, communicate and stuff. But like, they're also like, I've learned how to create games. I've also learned like Photoshop and stuff like that," said Harres Ibrahim, a senior at Freedom High.

"I just got to help me in life. Yeah. I mean, I learned a little bit more about computers and the specs and stuff like that," Nehemiah Nelson, a senior at Freedom High.

It's also teaching them teamwork skills and giving them access to games and programs they may not otherwise have at home. But they're still able to have fun at the same time.

"Some of these students aren't on any other teams. They don't belong to any other part of the school other than going to classes. So this is their way to participate in a school activity. They have friends, they build relationships. And that's how students grow," said Nanns.

The Freedom High Digital Academy is part of the school choice program. The application period starts on October 27. You can click hereto find out more information.