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COVID-19 survivor urges people to get vaccinated

Maggie Thomas also lost her husband to the virus
Posted at 9:16 PM, Aug 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-18 23:24:32-04

A COVID-19 survivor encourages people to get vaccinated after she lost her husband to the virus last year.

Maggie Thomas said she contracted COVID-19 in June of 2020. Her husband also got sick.

The couple was hospitalized at the same time.

Old time

"I don't know to this very day how I contracted it, how my husband and I contracted it. The doctors said you'll never find out," recalled Maggie Thomas.

Maggie was married to her husband, Wayne, for 45 years. The couple ran a performing arts school in South Florida for more than 3 decades.

"My husband had a passion. We both did...just to teach it honestly. We've had a lot of great successes. We have actors now that are in television and film. We have producers, directors. We have writers. We also did behind the scenes as well," said Maggie.

Maggie said her husband died from the virus weeks after being hospitalized. She said her son encouraged her to get vaccinated.

"He said mama, if you get COVID again. I don't think you're going to make it," she recalled.

The Couple

Maggie said she sees doctors and suffers from the long-term effects of COVID-19.

"I was the happiest person after I got the shots because I felt I had more protection. I have scarring in my lungs from pneumonia. I was on 24/7 oxygen. I was blasted with vitamin C, Zinc, antibiotics, steroids, inhalers. You name it, I was on it. I don't wish this on anybody," said Maggie.

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden announced a plan for people to receive a third COVID-19 shot later this fall. Under the plan, a third vaccine would be given to people 8 months after an individual's second dose of Moderna or Pfizer.

Maggie said she plans to receive an additional vaccine.

"Getting the vaccination is our best defense. What do we got to lose?"

"The shot for my husband, it probably would have saved his life, but it wasn't out then, but it's out now so if you can get the shot, get it," she said.

Maggie does not understand why her husband lost his life, but her life was spared.

"I wake up every morning and thank the one above for my life and that I'm around to be with my children."

She said the virus stole her husband's life and her family's ability to say goodbye to him in person.

"My sons went on Facetime and videotaped their papa for 19 hours. They watched their dad take his last breath. That's what is really sad about this virus. Family members can't hold their loved ones. They die basically on their own."