Claims to make a fortune off Medical Marijuana stocks in Florida

Posted at 5:44 PM, Feb 09, 2017

The world wide web has turned into an advertising platform as companies are able to buy space to market their product or products.

It's going a step further though, as sponsored ads seem to be using Florida's passage of medical marijuana as a way to make money. 

This advertisement popped up on the Yahoo website in hopes of getting you to look into 'the Green Gold Rush.'

The three sentences point out, "If you've never invested, now's the time to start....This is the last legal way for the little guy to grow rich...Learn how - See the details here."

When you click on the link, you will be taken to a website for the "Secret $50 Marijuana Stock Blueprint" that advertises how you can turn $50 into a massive fortune. 

We did some digging into the company, and found Agora Financial is out of Maryland, and they told us by email they don't have in house brokers, but help put their subscribers in touch with a broker. 

The video breaks down on finding a penny pot stock but before April 15th. 

Cannabis expert Michael Berger of Technical 420 follows the industry and analyzes stocks and investments.

Berger says to be wary of 90 percent of the targeted ads, "the fact is, to get 50 bucks, $10 is gone because you're spending that on your trading fees at least."

Berger points out a few key facts in the cannabis stocks: its unlikely you will find a broker to help invest in medical marijuana. 

He points out if you're looking to invest in a company you need to do your own research:

  • Call the company - If a company never answers the phone, it should be a warning sign of how they would treat shareholders. 
  • Look into management teams - you will need to make sure people on the team don't have criminal records
  • Ask to see proof of assets and balance sheets - this will ensure the company is making money
  • Be wary of small investments - Berger says you need to be investing around $1,000 to start

Berger posts updates on his websites from companies that have potential growth -- a lot of them coming out of Canada. 

Our request to Agora about their video and claims of bad intentions behind it was not answered.