Serial change scammer hits Valrico business

Posted at 6:12 PM, Jan 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-19 00:36:24-05

It a appears a serial quick-change scammer has not slowed down.

Now, a third Bay Area business has come forward saying the same guy who hit two restaurants last week has also tricked them over the weekend.

"We pulled up the video, and it was clear as day," said Scott Laviano, President of YoYo Juice in Valrico.

Over the weekend, Laviano said an older man walked in and purchased a bottle of water with a $50 bill.

"As she's counting the change to herself and about to do it to him, he distracts her by asking for a bag for his water," Laviano said.

As soon as she walks away to grab a bag, the man slips a 20 into his pocket. When she returns, he insists he didn't get the correct change.

"We've taught them, you know, customer service is number one, so she just wanted to apologize and make sure she made everything correctly," he said.

This case comes just a few days after it appears the same man pulled the same stunt at Datz in Tampa. A few days before that, he also scammed La Septima Cafe in Brandon.

"It's only 20 dollars that we know of from these three locations. How many more locations have been short 20 dollars?" Laviano said.

These cases are now under investigation.

In the meantime, the cashiers are being retrained to slow down, count back the change directly into the customer's hands, and worst case scenario: Go ahead and close down the register to count the drawer.