Adorable dog stolen during burglary

Owner pleas to have him returned
Posted at 11:30 PM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-30 15:22:28-04

UPDATE | Zeus has been found and was returned to its owner on Saturday.

ORIGINAL STORY | "I first saw that the TV was off the wall," said Makayla Nealer.

For Nealer, it's not the 60 inch TV, her mothers jewelry, or even the two lap tops now gone that has her so broken up.

"I look at two water bowls, two cages, two beds, and one dog," said Nealer.

Along with countless electronics, she says the people who broke into her home Monday took something far more precious. Her one and half year old Pitt bull named Zeus.

"I notice the things that were missing then I noticed him but my frantic running around was trying to find him and then when I realized he was gone that's when I went into panic mode," said Nealer.

She says the house was ransacked. The back door cracked open. And Zeus, who would usually be in his kennel, was no where to be found.

"My neighbors across the way have surveillance cameras that actually point directly at my house," said Nealer.  

Unfortunately neither camera captured the crooks.

"They probably jumped the fence and then jumped back over," said Nealer.

Ever since, Zeus's brother Apollo won't leave her side. Makayla struggles to sleep as thoughts of where her puppy is bounce around her head.

"Are they hurting him, or are they fighting him god forbid, or are they using him as a bait dog, every worse case scenario goes through my head," said Nealer.

The sixty pound pup has one distinctive characteristic, his left ear stands up while the other flops over. Her post on Facebook has already been shared more than ten thousand times.

Tonight she's pleading to those who took him to give him back.

"You don't have to turn yourself in, just drop him off, drop him off at a shelter, just please give him back."

If you have any information about Zeus your asked to call Temple Terrace Police at 813-362-3779.