Plant City teen killed, another hospitalized in weekend crash

Deputies say speeding involved; charges pending
Posted at 11:24 PM, Jul 24, 2016
A Plant City teenage girl died and her boyfriend fighting for his life right now after an accident Saturday.
It happened on Cooper Road just south of Knights Griffin Road around 8 p.m.
While many are rallying around the two teens involved, neighbors say the deadly crash should sound the alarm that changes are needed on the busy road..
Pieces of plastic, parts of wheels, and a Chevy emblem from the front of 17-year-old Dylan Pulaski's Suburban are scattered around the tree deputies say he slammed into Saturday night. His girlfriend, 17-year-old Cordasha Hutchinson, was in the passenger's seat. Her side of the SUV took the brunt of the impact and was wrapped around the tree.
"It took me a minute to process it and then once I did, I just started crying," said Cordasha's friend Jada Townsend.
Jada Townsend and her friends were among several people who stopped to see the wreckage along Cooper Road just outside Plant City Sunday. They say Cordasha was loved by many.
"She was very fun to be around. She had a pretty smile and dressed cute all the time. I always complimented her. She was always the life of the party and made everyone happ," said Townsend.
Dylan Pulaski was flown to the hospital. Friends tell us he came through surgery Sunday and remains in the ICU.
"My heart dropped when I found out," said his friend, Brii Washington.
Brii Washington's lived down the street from Dylan for seven years. She says he's a sweet kid, who loves football and hanging out with friends.
"I want everyone to pray for them and I hope he pulls through and gets better," said Washington.
The crash happened just steps away from Louis Roman's house. He has feared this day would come because cars fly down Cooper Road.
"They're not doing 45, which is the speed limit. They're going 55, 60," said Roman. 
In the 15 years he's lived on Cooper Road, there have been dozens of crashes, this one, the first fatality. While he's devastated for the families affected, he hopes it will finally force the county to step in and improve the safety of the road, possibly adding speed bumps or rumble strips.
"Cooper Road's really been dangerous lately. I don't why. But hopefully they'll do something the alleviate all the accidents," Roman said.
As these teens prepare to head back to school in a couple weeks, they hope this crash reminds all their friends to be careful.
"Just drive safely and not text and drive, not drink and drive, just be careful," Townsend said.
As friends continue to pay their respects and mourn this huge loss, grief counselors are going to be available to talk to them on Monday at Strawberry Crest High School in Plant City from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  
Deputies say Dylan Pulaski was speeding when the accident happened, and that charges in the case are pending.