Lesbian couple receives harassing note at library

Equality sticker may have made couple a target
Posted at 6:06 PM, Feb 10, 2017

A lesbian couple leaving the Jimmie B. Keel Library on Monday night said they found a harassing not on their windshield.  The two believe they were targeted because of the equality sticker on their vehicle.  

The couple did not want to do a formal interview with ABC Action News, but Patty Cohn was with the couple at the library. She said the note was shocking.

“These women are in their mid-seventies one needs a cane to walk, they were parked in a handicapped parking spot,” said Cohn.

The note read:

Dear Madam, please don’t take this personally, but please know there are people like me who thoroughly despise and detest your screwed up notions of equality, as clearly represented by the equality sticker on the back of your car.  Thank you for self identifying.  We had enough of that crap under the despicable Obama administration and we are not going to tolerate the same or worse under Hillary’s jack booted oppression. We voted for Trump in Droves, and will do so again in 4 years. Regards, John Q. Republican  

Cohn said the libraries security cameras did not show who left the note on the windshield

 Library staff members were alerted to the note, but did not take any action. A spokesperson said the issue was a private matter between two people with opposing views. The couple never called law enforcement after discovering the note.

“We don’t know who wrote this nasty letter to them, but obviously it was coward,” said Cohn.

The couple was attending a Hillsborough County Women’s Democratic Club meeting. Group members said they plan to find a public way to support the women.

“They weren’t just attacking those two elderly women they were attacking all the people who stand shoulder to shoulder with those women,” said Cohn.