Spring Hill parents outraged over school threats

Posted at 5:43 PM, Feb 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-24 17:43:57-05

Frustration is boiling over after parents at a Spring Hill school say they weren’t given enough information about a potential school threat.

Parents are upset with how the threats were handled Monday at Explorer K-8

They say a robocall which said in part, “We are calling to inform you a potential threat to student safety was reported to our administrative team today,”  doesn’t give enough details about what happened. Many parents were left with questions and concerns about their child’s safety. 

”She was like, 'I can reassure you that it’s safe. I said, 'Ma’am, any parent with a brain in their head who listened to that message last night is not going to send their kids here without talking to somebody and finding out some more information,”' Karetta Gross said.

“When you ask questions, they say we can’t talk about that right now. Well that’s my child in there,” said Jim Karamitsos.

Turns out a fifth grader told others about his dream of his classmates dying. Those students told teachers who called the Sheriff’s Office to investigate.

To make matters worse, a cleaning crew spotted an unknown person inside the school on Monday night.  Deputies searched the school again but couldn’t find him. Parents say they weren’t given details about any of this. 

“They’re not saying kids had dreams in the phone calls I’m getting. They’re not saying someone broke in and they’re doing a clean sweep in the phone calls I’m getting,” Karamitsos said.

“It’s the situation, was there a weapon involved, was there a threat, you know, like with a bomb or something like that, because you know we see this on the news all the time,” said Gross.

Students who were back at class Tuesday took part in a safety drill with deputies back out at the school again. 

Later Tuesday night, the school district sent out another robocall letting parents know everything is OK. “We wish to assure you, the campus is secure and there’s no threat to the staff or students of Explorer.” 

The Sheriff’s Office said it's protocol to investigate any suspicious incident regardless of how minor it may seem. 

Parents just hope if there is a next time, they’ll get more details. 

 “To me I don’t feel like I’m flipping out, those are my children. That’s a life,” Gross said.