Residents improvise when sandbags run out to protect their homes

Posted at 8:45 PM, Sep 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-07 06:43:18-04

Things got frustrating for people in Hernando County on Wednesday after the sandbag stations quickly ran out of bags.

People used grocery bags, trash bags and whatever they could to get the sand back home.

Ben Crawford says he couldn't find bags anywhere, so he had to improvise.

"I was going to buy sandbags but everyone was out so I went home and we had plenty of pillow cases so I decided to use pillow cases." 

Others like Valerie Malone didn’t let no bags stop her.

"I'm filling up my car up and taking the sand home."

Some people used their own money to buy trash bags and were handing them out to people who needed them. 

The county says they provided 17,000 sandbags before they ran out.

County officials say they will getting more bags later on Wednesday. 

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