Local football star faces felony charges

Posted at 5:38 PM, May 05, 2016

A high school football star is now facing felony charges for breaking into a Spring Hill home. 


When it comes to high school football Deshawn Smith is one of the best in the state.


He’s nationally recognized as a high school running back with 67 touchdowns last season alone. He led his team to an undefeated season. 


While his athletic career seems mapped out his road in life is now seeming uncertain after recent felony charges for breaking into a Spring Hill home withe several other teens.  


Smith and his family refused to speak with us on camera but after getting counsel from a longtime family friend Paul Douglas, they agreed to let him speak on their behalf.


“He’s never done anything like this,” Douglas said. 


Smith and three other teens were caught on home surveillance video breaking into the house and stealing a backpack with $150 dollars and two pairs of Air Jordans. 


According to the arrest report, Smith admits to throwing a rock that broke a window the teens went in through. Smith claims he didn’t go inside the house and didn’t know what was in the backpack. 


All four of the teens were arrested but Smith is the only adult, turning 18 just last month. 


Douglas thinks a felony charge is too steep for the crime and says since it happened off school property it shouldn’t jeopardize Smith’s future.


“I’m concerned about this kids schooling. Do you know he could lose his scholarship because of this,” Douglas said. 


Smith recently committed to play football at Savannah State University on scholarship. It’s a big accomplishment that he’s hoping will lead to the NFL.


Classmates we spoke to say despite the crime they think he deserves that chance.


“I think he should be able to go to college. I mean everyone makes mistakes,” said classmate Timothy Lowder. 


“He’s still in school and peer pressure is still a big part of your life,” said Jeffry Pine. 


We reached out to Savannah State University to check on Smith’s scholarship and haven’t heard back yet.


As far as the rest of his senior year at Nature Coast High School Smith says he’ll have to appear before the Hernando County school board Tuesday night.