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Rain causing delays in construction on County Line Road

Posted at 6:57 PM, May 29, 2018

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. — All the rain isn’t only interrupting plans, it's delaying road construction projects.

Driving around a sea of orange barriers has become the norm for people driving on Mariner and County Line Road.

When this phase of the project is finished, County Line Road that runs parallel between Hernando and Pasco County, will be a four-lane divided highway.

"The road’s rough trying to drive down it. Everything’s a mess, we’ve got people cutting through the parking lots trying to avoid lights," said Joseph Rickle, who owns a business on County Line Road.

Gold-N-Pawnd has been on County Line Road for 25 years. Rickle says business has been good, until this year.

"Its been rough. We’ve lost a lot of customers," said Rickle.

But Rickle, who owns three properties on the road says he can’t complain much because the state paid him more than $1 million for taking part of his land and in business loss he’s suffered. 

"We receive money for future business loss," said Rickle. 

The project that was supposed to be finished in early July, is now pushed back until September. 

Construction workers say every time it rains it set them back about a day, because they have to redo everything they did the day before. 

"It’ll be good once it's done. Two eastbound and westbound lanes, it’ll be a divided highway," said Rickle.