One hundred animals seized from Hernando County property including 46 horses

There were also 36 dogs on the property
Posted at 5:44 PM, May 25, 2018

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. — More than one hundred animals were rescued from a Hernando County animal sanctuary including 46 horses. 
"This guy is completely blind. He’s what we would consider poor condition," said Christina Jenks of Jenks Ranch and Equine Rescue.
Scared, weak and hungry — more than 40 horses rescued out of the neglect case are being transported to an equine rescue in Pasco County.
"I couldn’t tell you when the last time he had probably seen grass. There was no grass on the property just small pens." said Jenks.
The horses account for less than half of the animals rescued from an animal sanctuary in Weeki Wachee.
"We’re seeing an array of things. We have some that are in really good condition. We have thin horses. We have injured horses. We have feet that have not been cared for," said Jenks.
Jenks Ranch and Equine Rescue is helping care the horses of all shapes and sizes, while they heal and get ready for adoption.
"Seeing them now and knowing that they’re going to get the care that they need is peaceful to me," said Jenks.
Animal control was initially called the to the Weeki Wachee animal sanctuary because of the condition of 36 dogs on the property. The dogs, horses, and other animals on the property were all seized by Hernando County Animal Services and will be ready for adoption in the near future.