2 men arrested in connection with separate sexual battery and robbery cases

Posted at 5:48 PM, Mar 08, 2017

Two men were arrested in connection with sexual battery and robbery cases.

On March 7, deputies responded to the area of Northcliffe Baptist Church in Spring Hill. Someone said they saw a man running from the area and a woman in distress in a nearby field.

When officers got to the scene, dispatchers received another call, from the owner of Best Cleaners & Laundry at 4315 Lamson Avenue, close to the church. Someone was trying to kick in the rear door of the business.

Surveillance showed a woman lying motionless in front of the door to the business. The video also captures a man sexually battering her. When she regained consciousness, she appeared to try to enter the business for safety.

The man captured on the video was later identified as Richard Bunyan Mosby Jr., 24. Video captured him trying to lead the woman away from the business, where he eventually succeeded in moving her out of range of the camera.

While that investigation was ongoing, another call came in to 911 dispatch at 6:00 a.m. about a strong arm robbery near Lamson Ave. and Hearth Rd., also close to the church and cleaners.

A woman said she was walking on Hearth Rd. on her way to the bus stop when she was attacked by a man. She said he knocked her to the ground and began choking her. She said she lost consciousness for a moment, but then began to twist and fight back.

The woman also said she was able to scratch the suspect on the side of the mouth, and eventually got him to release her. But the man got away with her cell phone and some other things.

The description she gave matched Mosby. While the woman was being attacked, the K-9 unit arrived at the scene of the sexual battery.

From there, officials were able to track Mosby to his residence, where they found him hiding in a rubber container in the garage.

During questioning later, the sexual battery victim said she was at a local sports bar the night before when she met Mosby for the first time.

Staff at the bar confirmed the victim, Mosby, and a second suspect, Kurtis Ray Edie, 25, were at the bar and that all three went into the bathroom together on multiple occasions.

Edie said the victim was disoriented during the entire sexual encounter and did not have the ability to consent to having sex. Mosby also later confirmed he had sex with the victim without her consent on both occasions.

Mosby was charged with robbery, two counts of sexual battery, burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and burglary of an unoccupied dwelling. Edie was charged with sexual battery.