HCSO: man stole holiday mail, packages from post office to support drug habit

Deputies arrest man tied to 7-Eleven robbery
Posted at 5:52 PM, Dec 08, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-08 18:21:17-05

Holiday packages, checks, and gift cards were all reportedly swiped from a Spring Hill post office Tuesday. 

Customers count on extra security when dropping off letters and packages in person. 

"That's a treasure trove of information inside the post office," said USPS customer Linda LeClair-Leblenc. 

But they didn't count on Jonathon Bizuk, seen in surveillance images carting off stolen mail, breaking into the Spring Hill Plaza post office. 

"The grinch is stealing Christmas over there," said Mike Foster. 

Foster is a local pizza delivery driver who found several pieces of mail scattered in a nearby alley. 

"I found a check that was a car payment for some lady made out by a postal money order," said Foster. "So her car payment wasn't getting in. I found an empty box of checks from SunTrust."  

Surveillance video from Foster's employer, Tito's Pizza, helped investigators identify Bizuk and tie him to other area crimes. 

They say he entered through the roof of the building and gained access to the work room floor, where mail is sorted before delivery. 

Detectives, along with two K-9 teams located Bizuk on Wednesday at his home address. According to HCSO, Bizuk fled from the property after law enforcement attempted to make contact with him. A K-9 unit was dispatched and gained control of Bizuk. He was treated on scene for the dog bites and later transported to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point for additional treatment. 

The Hernando County Sheriff's Office says Bizuk was also behind a recent 7-Eleven robbery. 

According to HCSO, Bizuk admitted to stealing from the post office and robbing the convenience store to support his drug problem. 

After seeing Bizuk's mug shot, Foster is now convinced it's the same man who stole tip money from his delivery car two days before the post office burglary. 

"I had a bucket of money that I was saving for my daughter's big Christmas present, and it was about $250 bucks in there," said Foster. 

While investigators are looking into that crime, USPS customers hope Bizuk didn't get his hands on their mail. 

"I'll go back in and check all the shipments, things that I've ordered and see if they've been shipped and hopefully they're here," said customer Teresa Elwinger. 

For Spring Hill Plaza USPS customers concerned about if the stolen mail belonged to them, they can contact the Tampa Postal Inspection Service office at (813) 381-5256 or 1-800-ASK-USPS.