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Dozens of animals seized from Hernando County sanctuary

Posted at 4:56 PM, Jun 13, 2018

HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. — If you look at the dogs at "We Care for Paws Foundation," they look healthy, happy even. But if you look closer the county says there are problems.

"The wires become exposed and so now the is what the dog is walking on and it’s ending up causing injury and damage to their paws,"  said Hernando County Sheriff’s Sergeant Matt Lillibridge.

They say many other regulations are not met. Recently the county limited the number of dogs a person can own without having a kennel license to 15. This place has nearly 80.

"We just know that is not a number that she is able to deal with appropriately," said Lillibridge.

Animal control says they’ve been working for months with owner Carol Allard to have her meet regulations so she could apply for a kennel license, but she didn’t meet them.

"I can’t understand why they’re pulling dogs from a rescue that can take care of them, vet them and feed them when there are so many dogs out there that are being mistreated," said Carol Allard, owner of We Care for Paws Foundation.

Animal control vaccinated and examined the animals on site. They’re working with rescues and have set up a temporary shelter for the dogs until they’re ready for adoption.

"People don’t seem to realize what they can handle sometimes and unfortunately we have to step in and help out of the safety of the animals," said Lillibridge.

Hernando County Animal Services says volunteers from the Florida State Animal Response Coalition are helping to care for these dogs until further notice.

Donations needed: 
- Towels
- Brown cardboard paper
- Dog shampoo

These items can be brought to Hernando County Animal Services located at 19450 Oliver St. in Brooksville or call (352) 796-5062.