CCSO: Dozens of mutilated, dead animals found

Posted at 10:48 PM, Mar 23, 2016

A welfare check by Citrus County deputies ended with the discovery of dozens of animal remains and other animals living in a feces, urine and garbage ridden Floral City home, an arrest report states.

Doris White, 64, of 7320 E. April Court, Floral City, is charged with tormenting, depriving, mutilating and killing animals.

Deputies say a property appraiser with the Citrus County Property Appraiser's Office called dispatchers after noticing a strong odor coming from White's home.  The man described the smell as being "similar to decomposition." 

The man added he saw numerous animals on the property and inside the residence and believed some of the animals were possibly injured, deputies say.

Deputies say while walking up to the home, numerous animal remains were discovered lying on the ground and on top of other items on the property.

Animal control officer were called to the scene.

At the time, White was not at home.

Deputies say a side door to the home was unlocked and when they opened it up and called out for the homeowner, the saw numerous dogs inside the living room area, surrounded by piles of garbage, urine and feces.

Animal control officers discovered a total of 12 different animal remains, consisting of both dog and cats remains on the property, an affidavit states.  Some were wrapped in blankets, others in bedding.  Some were lying out in the open, deputies say, an appeared to be in varying states of decomposition.

Three additional animal remains, of what appeared to be full size cats, were found inside the home, deputies noted.

In the backyard, three different locked crates were found with animals inside, according to an arrest report.  Not one of the crates had food or water bowls in them.

Two dogs were found locked in a bedroom that was covered in urine and feces, deputies say.  Those animals did not have food or water either.  Two cats were also found in locked cages, deputies noted, under similar circumstances.

Animal control officers removed eight dogs, a pot bellied pig and two or three cats from the property.

Based on the structural condition of the residence, as well as the living conditions, animal control officers called code enforcement to the home.

While at the property, White came back from a doctor's appointment.

Deputies say White told them she lived at the property on and off and did not want anything to happen to her animals.

White claims she was last at the residence eight hours prior.

She denied having knowledge of skeletal remains being found in three locked animal crates, an arrest affidavit states.

According to White, she felt she was "set up" and reportedly told deputies, "I cannot believe they are doing this to me."

White was placed under arrest.

White became so distraught, EMS had to be called to the scene.  Due to her age and unknown medical history, White was issued a notice to appear in court on April 7th at 1 p.m.