Homosassa man accused in two road rage incidents

Posted at 9:55 AM, Dec 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-29 09:56:04-05

A 51-year-old Homosassa man is accused in two road rage incidents, one involving a Citrus County Sheriff's Office employee.

Donald Ross is now facing misdemeanor charges.

According to Citrus County deputies, the first incident occurred Christmas Eve morning.

According to Ross, another driver pulled out in front of him and he attempted to pass that driver in the right lane.  Ross said while passing the driver, the driver was doing some gestures with his hands.

When Ross and the driver stopped at a red light  at Cardinal and U.S. Highway 19, Ross got out of his car, approached the victim's vehicle and exchanged words, an arrest report states.

The driver was able to get Ross's license plate number and called police.

Deputies say the next incident occurred Monday morning and involved a Citrus County Sheriff's Office employee.

According to deputies, the employee and her husband were traveling west on Highway 44 leaving Inverness when the driver of a blue Jeep approached them from behind at a rapid rate of speed.

The driver of the blue Jeep flashed their headlights.

The couple moved over into the right lane to allow the driver of the Jeep to pass, an arrest report states.

According to the couple, the Jeep passed but also moved in front of them in the right lane and the driver slammed on the brakes, forcing the couple to swerve onto a median to avoid rear ending the Jeep.

An arrest report states that the couple tried getting away from the driver of the blue Jeep by passing them in another lane.  However, when they were adjacent to the blue Jeep, the driver swerved an tried running them off the road, deputies say.

The couple described the driver as have long grey hair in a ponytail and a mustache.

Deputies say when they began searching for the blue Jeep, they found it at a motel.

They say the Jeep is registered to Ross and when they questioned him, he admitted he was the only person who drives the car.

He also recounted both incidents but claimed he was the victim, deputies say.

Ross was arrested without incident.