Blades cover walls in Brooksville suspect's home

Posted at 12:18 PM, Sep 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-16 12:18:56-04
Deputies say they discovered a nightmarish scene Wednesday while trying to arrest a blade-wielding Brooksville woman: Rooms in her mobile home decorated with hundreds of knives.
Nickole Ellen Fay Dykema, 47, tried to stab a deputy with what law enforcement described as a large sword or machete while he entered her home to arrest her on multiple felony warrants, according to Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. She missed his face by mere inches.
Before entering, deputies said they tried to ordered her to leave her mobile home at 12110 Eldorado Ave., but she refused, yelling obscenities and telling them to leave.
Deputies saw Dykema behind a blanket in the mobile home holding a sword, according to the agency. She refused to come out with her hands up, deputies said, and a deputy shot a bean bag round at her.
Dykema ran into a room with 500 bladed weapons, one of multiple rooms in the mobile home decorated in the same manner. She tried to arm herself, deputies said, and refused to drop her weapons. They fired another bean bag round at her, and she ran away again to another section of the home.
A crisis team had lengthy negotiations with Dykema, but she remained in her home.
At one point, Dykema approached deputies from behind a hanging blanket. Law enforcement was standing at her front door behind shields. She wouldn’t turn around so deputies could see she didn’t have weapons, deputies said, and then made a movement as if to run. A deputy fired a Taser at her, causing her to fall to the ground.
Neither Dykema nor the deputies were injured during the incident.
“The person was obviously dangerous to the community,” Sheriff Al Nienhuis said in a written statement. “It amazes me that these deputies were able to take her into custody without anyone being injured. It shows the level of their restraint and professionalism under very difficult and dangerous conditions. Had something gone wrong, it would be easy for critics to accuse them of moving too quickly or too slowly.”
Dykema faces charges including probation violation, resisting an officer without violence and assault on a law enforcement officer.