Flooded by Hermine, Crystal River residents use lessons to prep for Irma

Posted at 10:13 PM, Sep 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-05 22:14:36-04

People in Crystal River say it wasn’t the wind or rain that brought them damage from Hermine. It was the water level rising because of the storm surge. Now with Irma, they’re worried about what kind of damage that could bring. 

David Perry, who owns Hunter Springs Kayaks in Crystal River shot video of himself paddling through the flooded streets.

"My building is underwater and I’m out here right now trying to to find some kayaks or paddles that floated off from my shop."

He says that wasn't as easy task.

"As soon as I would get something you would go to bring it back and there would be two more things passing you." 

Hurricane Hermine caused water in Citrus County to rise several feet in less than an hour. 

Perry says last year they prepared for the winds, but not as much for the floods. Now he's using those lessons to prepare for Irma. 

"We’ve built racks, we’re going to start securing thing much better."

Perry says sandbagging really well helped save the inside of his shop. Now with everything tied down he’s waiting and hoping for the best to see what path Irma will take.

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