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Bench unexpectedly shows up at Tampa Bay area bus stop with note attached

“I think it’s a very nice gift, it’s a gift for the kids.”
Posted at 7:10 PM, Dec 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-19 19:10:47-05

SPRING HILL, Fla. -- A “do-it-yourself” project is now helping kids wait more comfortably at their school bus stop.

On any given school day, Stephanie Laing says it’s normal to find a handful of kids standing and sitting along Augustine Road in Spring Hill in the dirt.

“Bugs and ants and all that,” said Tiffany Sessa.

She says that’s just some of the things you can find at this school bus stop.

Laing waits out here with her oldest granddaughter and says some of the kids sit too close to the road.

“The cars that come this way have to go around and you have a ton of cars coming this way so everybody’s like stopping and going,” said Laing.

Someone else noticed too and on Monday, something unexpected showed up.

“We came by and there was a bench!” Laing said.

Sturdy and solid — made out of plywood and nails, the person who made it set it up a good dozen feet from the road and traffic. Tacked to the back of the bench was a note that said, “No need to sit on the ground. Merry Christmas.”

“I think it’s a very nice gift, it’s a gift for the kids,” Laing said.

Parents say they don’t know who left it but there is one man who is has taken ownership of this creation — Santa.

Tiffany Sessa says her son, Brayden, is really grateful.

“He couldn’t believe somebody would just spend their own money and not even get the credit for it,” she said.

Which is why, after he hopped off the bus in the afternoon, he wanted to say, “Thank you. Thank you a lot.”

Laing hopes it teaches others a lesson in giving back when you can.

“We need more joy, we need more people are just going around saying hey here you go this is for you today because you’re you,” Laing said.

The kids have Friday to enjoy it before Christmas break but Laing says she and others plan on painting it and keeping an eye on it so it’s there for the kids when they get back.