65 neglected dogs seized from Citrus County home, now ready for adoption

Posted at 6:30 PM, Oct 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-27 18:30:35-04

When emergency crews responded to a medical call in Citrus County last week, they noticed something out of the ordinary, the overwhelming amount of dogs in the small home.

More than 65 dogs were taken from a Homosassa Springs home after an elderly couple willingly surrendered them. The dogs were living in very poor conditions.

Animal Control Director Lora Peckham said, "the crates were not adequately sized. They were not appropriately cleaned so the animals were living in unfit, unhealthy conditions.

The dogs are mostly rat terriers, ranging from old to very young, including four litters of puppies. They were taken to Citrus County Animal Services, which ideally can handle 68 dogs. Animal Services had 111 dogs before the 65 were brought to the shelter, now they’re overwhelmed too.

Animal services director Morgan Woodward said, "our job here is to take care of those lost, stray, and unwanted animals in Citrus County but we can’t do it alone."

Woodward says with the help of rescue agencies, in the last year 96 percent of the healthy dogs that were brought into the shelter were rescued.

Starting on Saturday many of the seized dogs, except for the puppies that still need their moms, will be up for adoption. Adoption Fees for other dogs in the shelter have been lifted as well to help encourage people to adopt.

Peckham said, "they deserve to be loved and they deserve the care that all animals deserve. That's my hope that all of them will have the most ideal forever home."