President Trump signs new travel ban

Removes Iraq from the revised ban
Posted at 6:06 PM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 18:06:39-05

"I can't express the frustration and the stress level was huge for both of us,” said David Basch.

David Basch and his wife, Fatemeh, met in India.

"I'm American born. I'm proud to be an American citizen. I've traveled the world and I was embarrassed to be an American. That's tough,” said Basch.R

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The President's first travel ban stranded them in Turkey while his wife, Iranian born, tried to get a U.S. Visa leaving their future together unsure.

"We're blessed to be fortunate enough to afford it but it still put a strain on our budget, in a big way so people who aren't prepared financially, I can't even imagine,” said Basch.

The couple says they are fortunate to be in the U.S. together after almost moving to Canada.  Still the revised travel ban leaves immigrants with no visas from six different countries in limbo.

"We are very confident this new order will pass legal muster and we also firmly believe whether you agree or not that the President's findings of a threat of national security are legitimate-- the bottom line is we want the President to retain this authority,” said President F.A.I.R. Dan Stein.

Now there's a 90 day ban on new visas for 6 majority-Muslim countries including Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Iraq removed from the list after an agreement hammered out on how its citizens will be vetted.

"Three of these nations are state sponsors of terrorism. The other three have served as safe havens for terrorist countries,” said U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The President signed the executive action in private today.

Homeland Security officials say it's about making America safer.

But Basch worries it'll affect his family's future.

"Her family is still in Iran and so for them to travel here and visit us becomes very difficult,” he said.        



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