Bill aims to ban red light cameras in Florida

Manatee Co. mother fights to keep red light cams
Posted at 5:44 PM, Jan 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 17:44:34-05

Melissa Wandall has been fighting for red light cameras in Florida for more than seven years. Her husband was killed by a red light runner in 2003.

"There will always be an empty seat in my home so at the end of the day its about protecting our loved ones," said Wandall.

She even got the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act passed.  The measure allows for municipalities to install red light cameras at intersections.

"We have a lot of big intersections in Florida and a lot of drivers who run red lights," said Wandall.

But there is a group of lawmakers in Tallahassee who are leading an effort to repeal the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act.  A traffic committee meets next week to review HB 6007, which would repeal the law.

A recent survey released by Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehiclessuggest that intersections with the cameras installed have more crashes.  

Rep. Jamie Grant said he would vote in favor of getting rid of red light cameras in the state. He doesn't like the fact that a person could be ticketed even if someone else was driving.

"I don't want to suggest in any capacity that there's never a good outcome from them being there, I don't think that any outcome justifies a structure that takes your tax dollar when you haven't done something," said Grant.

Wandall said she will be at the committee hearing got testify.

"If I didn't think that these cameras worked, then I would have my husbands name on this bill," said Wandall.