Pasco County changes some school start times

Posted at 4:42 AM, Apr 05, 2017

Some parents are upset after Pasco County changes the start times of many schools. 

Some changes are just by a few minutes, but Anclote High School is changing from 7:30 am start time to 8:50 am. The school board said that is due to the addition of the Cambridge Program.

"I like getting out at 1:40, then going home and having time," said Anclote student Kollene Feeney.

" hang out with friends for a little bit before I have to do homework, go to work or practice," said student Brooke Murray.

But that routine's about to change.  The Pasco County school board voted Tuesday to move Anclote's start time nearly an hour and a half later than it is right now, while also bumping back the dismissal time.

"I don't think it's very fair to parents," said Michael Trotta, who has two children attending Anclote HS.

Trotta says a lot of parents fear they might lose or be forced to change jobs to cut down their commute, since kids will have to be dropped off at the same time they're due at work

"We won't be able to account for where our kids are between the time we leave in the morning and they start school," said Trotta.

Other parents like Emmy Wijnmaalen, who works from home, aren't too worried about the change.

"I don't mind getting up a little later actually," said Wijnmaalen.

The district says the big change is needed at Anclote because the school is adding the Cambridge education program.  Moving the start time to 9 a.m. will also allow high schoolers to ride the same bus as students from neighboring Paul R. Smith Middle School.  But students and parents are fuming, blasting hundreds of comments on the district's Facebook page...

"Right now, I start work at 2:30.  If I can't start until 4, if they change the school to 3:05....I'll get out from working at 10 or 11, that makes me finish my homework at three in the morning," said Feeney.

The district says the school's principal asked for the change.  Now families will be forced to adapt, starting this fall.


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