Dogs, cats in danger of being put down due to overcrowding at Okeechobee County Animal Control

Posted at 5:44 PM, Jun 22, 2017


Late Thursday, a rescue group that works with the shelter said thanks to several adoptions in the last 24 hours, plus several dogs going back to their owners, there are no dogs at immediate risk of being put down.

They do hope to keep it that way, and encourage people to continue to adopt these animals and give them good homes.


There is a plea for help in Okeechobee County because dozens of dogs and cats are in danger of being put down due to an overcrowding issue.

Last month Animal Control took in 326 animals. Their capacity is 32 dogs and 30 cats.

So dozens of animals were put down.

County leaders have doubled their adoptions and are looking to send their animals to other rescues.

Belinda Forlifer is the director of Humane Society Pet Rescue in Okeechobee who has been helping animal control take in several dogs.

"If they fit our program, we take them," says Forlifer.

Courtney Moyett is spreading the word on social media to get these animals adopted.

"Anything that I can do to help educate people or help find these dogs a home, I'm happy to help out," says Forlifer.

County leaders are also planning to expand their facility as soon as possible.