How new program will help wage theft workers

Posted at 5:53 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 20:13:27-05

You put in the work but did not get the pay. It's called wage theft, and it's a growing problem for workers in the Bay Area. But now, help is on the way for victims in Hillsborough County.

Former telemarketer Darlene Lacy used her cell phone to record the last visit to her former boss' office. She wanted to prove she did everything in her power to claim her pay check. She says she worked for a month for a telemarketing business, but never drew a check. The missing money forced her to drop out of college.

Richard Davies says a bounced paycheck left him facing eviction. He worked for the same telemarketer who claimed business had taken a dive.

Eric Olsen heads Hillsborough Consumer Protection. He says the county's new wage recovery program will step in where other agencies cannot -- or will not.

Consumer Protection will work with Bay Area Legal Services and the 13th Judicial Circuit Court. The program calls on the courts if mediation fails. Time will tell whether it will be successful. For workers whose case doesn't qualify for the Department of Labor, the new county program might be their only hope.

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Or, you can call 813-903-3430.