New information released in Diana Alvarez case, 90 days after disappearance

New information released in Diana Alvarez case
Posted at 10:21 PM, Aug 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-30 05:45:37-04

FORT MYERS – It has been three months since nine year-old, Diana Alvarez, mysteriously vanished from her home in San Carlos Park.

The prime suspect in her disappearance, 28 year-old Jorge Guerrero, who once lived with the family remains in jail on federal child porn charges.

Today Diana's mother spoke out and her attorney presented new information about the case.

Rita Hernandez says even though 90 days have passed since her daughter disappeared, she prays the public won't give up hope.

We're now learning about new information in the case.

First, we're told the F.B.I. is now taking this investigation into other states.

They're also testing new evidence that connects 9 year old Diana to Jorge Guerrero, the man who is suspected of abducting her.

Attorney Tom Busatta tell us, "Mr. Guerrero through relations and brothers in law was a resident at the house while he worked and then at one time Rita asked him to leave because of inappropriate touching."

A team of private investigators joined the search by offering pro bono work.

They hope any illegal or undocumented workers will feel better speaking with them than law enforcement, especially when it comes to what Guerrero may have done.

Busatta says, "He knows where the child is and there's other people who know where the child is and they're not cooperating with law enforcement, they're protecting him."

And we're told reports about Diana's father being investigated are wrong.

An attorney says, despite reports, police never did go to his home in Mexico to speak with him or find out if Diana was there

Rita says Diana's dad has refused to take her calls for months so we had her call him from another phone number.

We’re told, "He says he's working and can't talk right now and to call back in half an hour."

Diana's father essentially acted like he didn't know who Rita was and told her to call him back in a half hour, he was too busy to talk about their daughter.

When she called back later on he didn't answer the phone.

Rita's attorney says the father told her Diana was safe after she disappeared
But when law enforcement called him about it he said he only knew that by using the tarot cards.