Young Trump supporter heading to inauguration

Posted at 9:16 AM, Jan 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-18 09:37:03-05
He’s 13, helped recruit volunteers for Donald Trump's campaign and now he’s getting ready to watch the president-elect be sworn in. 
In many ways Weston Imer is a typical 13-year-old. He loves planes, trains and Star Trek. But taking a closer look around his house, it’s easy to tell Imer is anything but typical.
While many teens have football players, football teams, concert posters and musicians on their walls, Imer has Donald Trump.
“In a way he's kind of like my favorite musician or something or favorite football player or something,” Imer says.
So where did this deep admiration come from? 
“I always liked politics,” Imer says. “But when Donald Trump came around that was a nail on the head and I was so into it.”
Imer and his mom began volunteering with Trump’s campaign in Colorado. He worked to get people out, serving as volunteer co-chair for his county.
“It was hard but it was amazing," Imer recalls.
Imer also started the group, “Colorado Kids for Trump” and took the stage when candidates came to town. 
“My most memorable one was with Mike Pence at his town hall,” Imer says.
Imer asked to meet Pence and the then vice presidential candidate said yes.
“One of you security guys get Weston back there I want to say hi to him,” Pence said during the event.
Not only did Imer meet Mike Pence but Donald Trump too. That’s why he says their Election Day victory meant so much.
“I can't describe how I felt it was just so amazing,” Imer remembers.
Imer thought things were over. But then he found out his hard work earned him tickets to inauguration. 
“Being a volunteer I didn't see us getting those tickets,” Imer says.
And after weeks of waiting those tickets arrived.
“The enclosed tickets are required for you to attend the swearing in ceremony on January 20, 2017 at the United States Capitol,” Imer read aloud.
With tickets in hand now Imer can focus on packing.
“I’ll be bringing all my Trump ties,” Imer says. “It just makes me feel so Trump. It makes me feel that I am a Trump.”

Imer is looking forward to wearing Trump while watching Trump become president. 
“It means so much,” Imer says. “It's just such an honor because I was just a simple volunteer.”
It’s the next adventure for a seemingly typical teen on a journey that is anything but. 
Imer says his ultimate goal is to run for president in 2040.