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Would you try a mustard doughnut? French's teams up with Dough to create a tangy confection

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Posted at 6:17 AM, Aug 03, 2022

It may be hot dog season, but one condiment company made a tangy new twist on the popular yellow spread by turning it into a confection.

Ahead of National Mustard Day on Aug. 6, French's teamed up with New York bakery Dough Doughnuts to create a one-of-a-kind yeast doughnut with a yellow mustard icing and a cake crumb topping.

Although it may sound alarming, Steve Klein, the co-owner of Dough, told "Good Morning America" to trust their expertise when it comes to the fluffy, sweet and zingy new flavor.

"We take a lot of pride in our doughnuts and we don't put something out that doesn't taste good, look good or matches what the customer wants. So we put a lot of effort into it," he said. "We did a bunch of tastings and created a product we all liked with our brioche dough, adding the mustard to our glaze and came up with a product that looks and tastes excellent."

Klein added that while it was "a challenge," all those who have had an early taste test "have enjoyed it."

The limited-time offering will be available on Saturday for mustard enthusiasts who visit any New York City Dough location, each adorned with vibrant yellow decor and pop art, to get a free mustard donut. For fans outside of New York, visit the Dough website on Saturday morning to reserve a complimentary order of the donuts, which are available for nationwide shipping.

"Most people have never heard of something like this -- it's different but we spent a lot of time blending the mustard into the glaze so that it looks good and tastes good," Klein said.

Dough has previously partnered with other brands to concoct savory and sweet options, including most recently debuting a fried chicken sandwich-inspired doughnut in tandem with David Chang's hit sandwich spot Fuku.

Klein said they "loved the challenge because French's is a great brand and their yellow mustard is iconic. We wouldn't do it if we didn't think we could make a great doughnut."