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Woman posed as baby photographer before drugging new mom to steal her child: Authorities

Posted at 1:38 PM, Feb 15, 2020

A woman was arrested Friday in Washington state after she allegedly conspired with her teenage daughter to pose as a newborn photographer and drugged a new mother in an attempt to steal her child, officials said.

The 38-year-old woman, who goes by multiple names but uses "Juliette" as a first name, advertised on Facebook that she would take free photos of newborns so she could build her portfolio, according to a statement from the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

The new mother contacted "Juliette" and let her take photos of her child inside her home on three occasions, according to police.

On the last visit, the suspect and her 16-year-old daughter gave the woman a cupcake and the woman began to vomit and feel numb and drowsy after eating it, police said.

The woman ordered the two to leave, and then noticed that they had stolen her house keys, she told police. Police later purchased and installed new locks and window guards at her home.

She reported to authorities that she thought she had been drugged. Police did not say what substance may have been used in the cupcake.

The daughter was also arrested.

The woman also told police that she saw the 38-year-old woman taking selfies with her newborn and wiped her fingerprints off items she touched inside the home.

The suspect, of Pierce County, was arrested on multiple felony charges, police said. Authorities did not immediately respond to ABC News for comment Saturday as to the exact charges she and her daughter face.

Police urged anyone who had been contacted by a woman who used the name "Juliette Parker," "Juliette Noel" or "Juliette Gains" to call authorities at 253-798-7724.