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Wisconsin mother speaks out after stranger pushed her in front of a train in Atlanta

Posted at 10:35 PM, Aug 31, 2018

A Milwaukee woman spoke out about the moment someonepushed her in front of a moving train in Atlanta two weeks ago.

Susan Wenszell was knocked unconscious and saved from being hit after her daughter jumped onto the tracks to rescue her. 

"I remember getting pushed. That's all I remember. I don't remember falling on the tracks, I don't remember crawling out from underneath the train, I don't remember the ride to the hospital. Don't remember anything," said Wenszell.

Susan and Katie Wenszell were in an Atlanta train station waiting for a ride back to their hotel. Wenszell and her five daughters had taken a girls trip to the city. A stranger pushed Wenszell onto the tracks just as a train was coming.

She said her daughter didn't hesitate to save her.

"Katie saw the light and realized there was no more time so she jumped in to get me moved so the train would run over the top of me but not hit me," said Wenszell.

Wenszell wasn't hit but her daughter was. Katie Wenszell was dragged, her skull fractured, shoulder shattered, ribs broken and foot amputated.

She has been recovering in the hospital and is now almost well enough to travel back to Milwaukee. 

"It's awesome that she would risk her life for mine," said Wenszell.

But she is upset that she jumped onto the tracks to begin with.

"At first I thought she had been pushed. And my older daughter said, 'Oh no Mom, she went down for you.' I said, 'Why would she do that! Why would she waste her life just to save mine,' " said Wenszell.

There is a GoFundMe account set up to help pay for Katie's medical expenses.