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What to buy on Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Posted at 5:07 PM, Nov 11, 2017

The holiday season is upon us and that means Black Friday is less than a month away. While many retail experts are saying Black Friday is dead, we found that might not ring true for most shoppers.

Janice Lieberman is a retail expert for Deal News and she says, “even though you will start seeing deals now they will get even lower.”

Retailers are excited to get you in the holiday spirit and have you shopping in stores, not online.  

Lieberman says, “they want those door busters. They want the fever. They want you to enjoy shopping, seeing other people and touching merchandise which is becoming so foreign.”

However, this year a number of retailers including Home Depot, Ikea and Office Depot will remain closed on Nov. 24 and REI is even closing its stores on Black Friday.

But, for the thousands of stores that will be keeping their doors open, Lieberman says, we need to get prepared before the big shopping day.

“You need to get onto social media. You need to sign up with all the stores you enjoy shopping at because they will give their loyal members added deals or select deals.”

If you are not about social media or even couponing, try signing up online at places like Deal News. You click on the items you want and they will send you an alert letting you know who has the lowest price.

Lieberman says, “I really think if you can hold off now I know it’s not so easy but if you can hold off to Thanksgiving weekend, the day before, the day after, even Cyber Monday that’s when you’re going to see the lowest prices.”

Thanksgiving Day will have the best deals for any item. Black Friday is the day to shop for electronics, toys and clothing. Cyber Monday you’ll find the lowest prices on computers, kitchenware and shoes.

If you really want to save big on Black Friday, Lieberman suggests you create a list of all the items you plan to buy. If not, expect to pay more by simply purchasing items that you didn’t need.