Wait until after Christmas to buy these items

Posted at 6:27 PM, Dec 23, 2015
If you ask the who's who of holiday shopping deals, you'll find out you should wait to buy some items after Christmas. 
"If you missed out Black Friday, Cyber Monday, you missed out this past week that's OK. You're going to have a good opportunity to save some money within the next three or four weeks,” said Chris Rucks of
"There are select TVs out there that rival what we saw on Black Friday,” said Brent Shelton of "There's going to be a bigger selection of higher quality TVs that are going to happen right before the Super Bowl. It happens every year, and that's the time something that's super high quality especially if it's your main TV. It's worth the wait.”
It's not only high-tech TVs promising better prices after the New Year. It's other high end electronics, too. 
"For the more expensive stuff like, the Bose headphones, and things that cost a little bit more, you might want to wait for those. The Consumer Electronics show happens in January and after that happens all the new models are reduced for 2016,” Shelton said.
Rucks said to wait on home linens. White sales in January traditionally offer deep discounts.
And another tip.
"They'll have these beauty products sets that they'll put together for the holidays, very giftable items that you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself, so the prices on those are going to drop if they have any remaining inventory,” he said.
Mild winter weather up north means bargains on warm bedding.
"Down comforters, you're going to find some great bargains in the next few weeks because a lot of merchants have high stock,” Rucks said.
But if you see a deal that's too good to be true, you might want to grab it. 
"We've seen some excellent tablet deals. Best Buy this week lowered their iPhone payment to zero. That's fairly exclusive on the new iPhone. If you see these kinds of deals, it's good to take advantage of them. These prices fluctuate pretty quickly,” Shelton said.